Ellywick Garrick Stumbleduck

I am little, high spirited gnome that loves blowing things up!


HP: 36 AC: 13 Touch AC: 13 Flat-footed AC: 1 Str: -1 Dex: 2 Con: 1 Int: 1 Wis: 1 Cha: 3

Weapons: Dagger & Pistol Bombs: Flashbang, Smoke, and Stink


I was born during a peaceful time of love making and beans. My clan faced each day with a light-hearted attitude and ease. I love running in the woods and there was nothing better in life than a good ol’bowl of beans from my great-great-great-once removed-twice re-enstated-grandma. I also enjoyed swimming to a great measure. That is the majority of where I got my nickname from, Stumbleduck. Not only was I slightly clumsy, but I was always chasing the ducks to try and ride them. I always wished to fly some day! So I spent a good deal of time stumbling around the lake trying to catch a duck to ride. At a relatively young age of 40 I was taken in as an apprentice by the great Dudley Garrick PowderPuff! I was honored beyond all reason and was not really sure why I was chosen, but it was a great honor. So my duck chasing days came to an end for the time being. I began to travel to study black powder, music, geography, and the nature around me as Dudley taught me. Not too long after we started a war started! Dudley told me something was going to happen, but I was naive and didn’t believe it. At first it seemed like it was just simple and could end quickly; however, as time passed there was no sign of relief. Things became more serious and only after 6 years of apprentice-ship PowderPuff was called away. I traveled with him a little bit while he did great things for the Vaynorian forces by the time I was 52 he disappeared on a mission that I was not to come on. Scared and slightly devastated I was unsure of what to do. I wandered from town to town and focused on my black powder skills. However, one day I was in grave danger as one of my concoctions caused a small amount of Orcs to attack. It was frightening to say the least, but I was rescued unexpectedly by a small little dwarf, Gunnar. That is about all that can be said for the fellow. He is a short, stout little man with a fire to kill. Fortunately not to kill me! I met him on several other ventures as well. Not only him but this strange man called BlackJack. While on a run to kill some Orcs in the forest we ran into this awkward man Tyro, I am not sure he had been around many people the way he responded to us. However, we all unexpectedly continued to run into one another. It was nice to have some familiar faces I learned I could count on.

Ellywick Garrick Stumbleduck

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