Argyll by-the-Mounds

Argyll by-the-Mounds is a small township in the south-eastern border of the Marquisate of Naravel. At the time of the War of the Wastes, it serves as the point of assembly for militia units levied from the towns and cities of Naravel, as well as the free holds of Yuriah and Whitmount.


The town is in some ways typically northern Vaynorian, with a mixed-economy of agriculture and small-scale manufactoring, with strong local government and cultural identity. According to the war tax census of 525, it has a permanent population of 1208, 94% human, 3% dwarven, 1% elven, 2% all others. The town is run by a council of aldermen who serve for life, and the feudal magistrate is Dame Maurina of Aldhill. The town supports a blacksmith, a tanner, 3 carpenters, a wainwright, a tinker, 2 inns and a butchery.


Argyll by-the-Mounds was founded in the year 325 New Count by then-Marquis Kamil I of Naravel in memory of his father, Argyll III of Naravel, assassinated during the unstable months preceding the Winter War of 323 N.C. The original charter called for the construction of a market square, a temple plaza, a motte-and-bailey and 40 houses, with a land grant of 400 acres. The original crossroads in the town square was adorned with a statue of Argyll III, with his signet ring and war banner enshrined in the statue’s pedestal.

Argyll by-the-Mounds

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