Saint of Gorum, Bringer of War


STR 16 DEX 8 CON 17 INT 8 WIS 15 CHA 10 AC 16 HP 36


Gorums’s Blade – +2 Keen Lightning Greatsword

Dwarven Waraxe




Gunnar grew up with a traveling Dwarven arms dealer that referred to himself as Smith. How he came to be with Smith or who smith truly was Gunnar never knew. As a child he always seemed to get into fights which lead to more violence when Smith found out. So the first chance he found to get out in a real way he took. This of course was becoming a soldier, or as others called them bandits.

Gunnar learned to love the battles. Love the fights. Love the feeling of glory when it was finished. Soon his name spread of one who would join any band to do any task as long as there was damage to be done. Violence it seemed was the only thing he knew or wanted to do.

One day a Dwarf named Duro offered him a chance to do some pit fighting. Gunnar jumped at the chance. He quickly became known in this way as well. Gunnar quickly became a force in his small circuit of arenas. Duro took Gunnar in as a son. He pushed him. Encouraged him. Feed him. Trained him. Al the while telling tales of the Dwarven homelands. A seed of excitement was planted in Gunnar. Fighting in the grand arenas of the Dwarven homelands was all he desired and wanted. Duro and and Gunnar set out to find those wishes.

They were staying in a small village the night it happened. Gunnar awoke to screams and flames. He and Duro entered the fray. Orcs were the attackers. They fought but Duro fell in battle. It was at that moment Gunnar got his calling. Gorum, the God of Battle, was calling him. “Dispose of the Orc raid leader and glory shall be yours” he heard. Gunnar did just that. “Now take his blade as yours. It is my Blade.” Gunnar took the blade and chased off the last remaining orc that were left pillaging the town and its citizens.

As Gunnar was aiding the survivors he found a band of soldiers that were within the barracks. Fury raged within him as he notices how clean their gear was. Knowing they had not fought and simply had allowed the orc to raid while Duro had died, he could not sit back nicely. Emotions flared by Gunnar did not hold back. He not only killed the soldiers but butned the barracks down as well.

Now Gunnar is a pit fighter and raider when asked. Though very seldom due offers come due to his high disdain for any form of order.


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