Fallen Heroes

Gunnar - Story 2

The rabbit hole gets deeper. Renna is certainly a demon. By choice I am not sure. But she is demon controlled now. I am not one to get highly involved with big picture stuff but if something isn’t done soon all life could be in havoc. How I ended up on the front line has to be a choosing of the Gods. So I feel duty to do something.

Tyro, Eli and Blackjack are good enough to company to keep in these times. They can be trusted for the most part. Well at least they wouldn’t do anything shady. Can’t say some of them wouldn’t do anything dumb. But when you got demons on one side and orcs on another they are welcome additions.

One thing that is really messing with me though is that as soon as I felt this strong calling from the deities to do something I lose my powers I call upon to find them. I continue to pray daily to my God, Gorum, and to a few others since I am going to need all the help I can get in these coming days. Pray its not weeks or longer.

Gorum Bless Us.



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