Fallen Heroes

Gunnar - Story 1

It has been a long day. The religion of Renna is spreading. She is nearly a deity to some by now. So when I wake to her followers, as I will nicely call them, I am not amused. A day of chasing wild stories, which we found. Of course that led us on a wild goose hunt. Why the hell they wanted to follow all day long makes no sense. Of course we weren’t going to catch whatever it was. But then again why did I even follow in the first place? Questions that need answers.

So when that scorpion of death arrived I was almost glad. A little piece bit of excitement that I could control never hurts. Blackjack was as crazy as ever and the little squirt even did something. Bless GORUM for that.

What are we getting into? Who sent that thing? Where did it come from? Do we have any truth at all? Can we trust anyone? Dark stuff is a the center of where we are going. GORUM bless us.



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